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Kenji wanted a baby Jean for Avatar AU, so here you go, my love!

Kenji wrote an Avatar AU fic, called Steam, that is super grand.  Jean’s mama is a waterbender and he’s a firebender who grew up in the Southern Water Tribe.

Yes goodbye I am dead

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Nigou: (whines)
Aomine: Hey, you’re…
Nigou: Arf arf arf arf!
Aomine: You’re the same dog from before. Long time no see.
Nigou: Arf!
Aomine: You seem happy. Are you wandering alone today too? What’s wrong? Don’t show such a sad face. Do you want fried chicken?
Nigou: Arf arf arf arf arf!
Aomine: Relax, I’ve got some white meat. Just a bit will be okay. Here. Whoa, are you hungry? I have more, so eat slowly.
Nigou: Arf!
Aomine: You’re pretty hungry. Where’s your master?
Nigou: (whines)
Aomine: Don’t give me that face. It can’t be helped, I’ll look for him with you.
Nigou: Arf arf arf arf arf!
Aomine: Hey, you’re wagging your tail too much, it’s going to break off. Let’s go. If I’m carrying you the wrong way, don’t get mad. I’m not used to this.
Nigou: Arf arf arf arf arf!
Aomine: Oh, I get it, you’re happy, but don’t move around too much! Huh… When I look at you closely, you really look like someone.

Full drama CD translation here

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青火 by 旭



AoKaga by Asahi

Pairing/Characters: Aomine Daiki x Kagami Taiga


Original: Here

Please take a moment to bookmark/rate the original work to show support for the artist!

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8ut only sometimes!

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i havent watched or read YGO in years but i think he said that quote somewhere in season 2 or 3 or somethin idk

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i havent drawn homestuck stuff in forever

so i drew team scourge in thigh highs because those two things are great

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So This is Love (Japanese version) | Yoriko Suzuki & Naoto Fuuga

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I also received some messages that some people want to write fanfic about them. Yes, I allow you guys to write fanfic about them. The tag is ‘heelakyu’. Please send me the link of fanfic! <3 Thank you guys that you’re interested in their story. (*´▽`*♥

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it’s Aradia timee